POLL: Europe’s best holding company regime

Author: Danielle Myles | Published: 24 Mar 2015

Corporates looking to move or set up headquarters in the continent need a jurisdiction of substance. Here are their best options

Where in Europe has the most attractive onshore holding company regime?
For those in the US, last year's wave of attempted corporate inversions may seem like a distant memory. The Treasury's decision to close the legislative loophole used by local companies to redomicile has stopped what some feared could be a mass exodus.

Yet on the other side of the Atlantic, its legacy has lived on. The prospect of iconic American names setting up headquarters in Europe has prompted the market to compare the attractiveness of different countries' holding company (holdco) regimes. At the same time, the global regulatory crackdown on bank secrecy and offshore centres has changed the rules of the game. Jurisdictions that lack transparency are becoming few and far between. Companies need a location where they...