Onwards and upwards for Indonesian antitrust

Author: Ashley Lee | Published: 24 Mar 2015

Nawir Messi, chairman of Indonesia’s Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition, spoke with IFLR about its growing role

Market participants have paid close attention to the Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU) since the introduction of its merger control regime in 2010. But the regulator is moving forward with new changes that will increase its influence both nationally and globally. Domestically, it is targeting policies that hinder competition nationally, as well as focussing on sectors that will help Indonesia compete on a global level.

And potential amendments to the Indonesian Competition Law (ICL) will further highlight the importance of the KPPU. They propose moving notification from a post-merger process to a pre-merger process, allowing the regulator to give its feedback – and suggest remedies – for deals before they close.

Here, IFLR speaks with Nawir Messi, chairman of the KPPU, on its role in Indonesia's markets as well...