Asifma conference highlights

Author: Gemma Varriale, Ashley Lee | Published: 9 Dec 2014

Some of the most influential market overseers have clarified their positions on TLAC, cross-border cooperation and RMB internationalisation

Last month, the Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (Asifma) held standout conferences in Singapore and London. Regulators speaking at the events tackled some of today's most pressing topics: from too-big-to-fail to cross-border cooperation, offshore RMB to banking balkanisation. Their messages were an eye-opener, and not just for Asian market participants.

EC: CCP resolution

A senior European Commission (EC) executive called for regulators to work together on central counterparty (CCP) resolution – and do it soon. As derivatives move from over-the-counter to clearing platforms, CCPs are seen as the next institutions that may be too-big-to-fail.

Some jurisdictions require trades to be cleared through local CCPs, but most trades are cleared through major global CCPs. Speaking on a panel on developing a global regulatory framework at the annual conference in Singapore, Patrick Pearson,...