Poll: Will Basel III prevent another crisis?

Author: Tom Young | Published: 9 Dec 2014

The last major regulatory reform under Basel III has been announced. But will the measures prevent another crisis?

Will Basel III reforms prevent another crisis?
On October 31, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision announced its net stable funding ratio rule. The new measure will force banks to take into account the maturity of their assets when making choices about their financing.

But the rule's publication was also significant because it essentially marked the end of the Basel committee's reform agenda. Undertaken in 2010 to promote a more resilient banking sector following the financial crisis, Basel III's major requirements have now all been announced (though not implemented). The reforms can be broken up into five major sections: capital requirements, risk coverage of the capital framework, a leverage ratio, capital buffers and global minimum liquidity requirements.

Taking this milestone as a starting point, this month's poll asks whether the committee's requirements...