Will the Global Infrastructure Hub make a difference?

Author: | Published: 4 Dec 2014

The G20 has proposed a network linking various project finance initiatives and market players. Andrew Briggs, who contributed to the G20 summit publications, explains what will determine its success

Accelerating investment in infrastructure is a global priority. At the Brisbane summit last month, the G20 announced the establishment of a Global Infrastructure Hub (Hub) and endorsed the World Bank's Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF). Both of these bodies are intended to provide further impetus for this acceleration.

The success of these and other similar measures will depend on the ability of governments and their officials to leverage the financial and intellectual resources available to them. Much of that financial resource will need to come from the private sector. Success, measured in terms of projects completed in the areas of greatest need, will only be forthcoming if governments in both emerging and developed economies demonstrate a transparent pipeline, and the political and...