Mexico's reversal of fortune

Author: | Published: 9 Oct 2014

An ambitious set of reforms could transform Mexico’s investment environment. Former ambassador to the EU and Nafta negotiator Jaime Zabludovsky explains what is needed to capitalise on the changes

Things are looking up in Mexico. Inbound investment is surging, and its reformist government is busy implementing the 95 reforms that comprise its economy-wide overhaul known as the Pact for Mexico. Liberalisation of the state-owned energy sector has created the most excitement, but the package – as well as older reforms – has created a melting pot of opportunities for foreign investors.

Twenty years after he negotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), Jaime Zabludovsky speaks with IFLR about the legacy of Mexico's first FTAs, teething problems under the Pact for Mexico, and how foreign investors can help the country continue its growth story.

What is behind the surge in foreign investment into Mexico over the last two years, and are...