Highlights from IFLR's European Capital Market's Forum

Author: Danielle Myles, Tom Young | Published: 24 Apr 2014

High yield, securitisation and retail structured products are all emerging in Europe’s capital markets boom. Here are the challenges facing the instruments

Bank counsel and leading industry players gathered at the Waldorf Hotel in London on April 2 for IFLR's European Capital Markets Forum. Panellists debated the instruments and issues at the centre of the region's capital markets agenda. Three instruments stood out for being investors' and regulators' asset classes of choice: high yield, securitisation and retail structured products.

Here's what is helping and hindering their quest to become stable self-sustaining markets.

1. High yield Following high yield's continued growth in Europe, banks structuring deals are facing challenges in execution. Even companies in Spain and Italy, which traditionally access the local bank lending market have increasingly turned to high yield as domestic credit lines are cut. As a result, 40% of high-yield offerings in the first quarter of 2014 were...