The five steps to developing high-growth markets

Author: Gemma Varriale | Published: 24 Sep 2013
  • Securities markets will grow substantially over the next 20 years, with emerging markets set to contribute a major share of that growth;
  • Faced with this redistribution of power, the question now is what shape should the reform agenda take to support the development of growth markets;
  • Five key areas have been identified as driving the growth of capital markets;
  • A sound regulatory framework tops the list of pre-requisites;
  • Improving market infrastructure, investor and issuer participation and liquidity are also key.

Despite a series of recent setbacks, the balance of power is shifting east, in favour of emerging markets.

Indeed, in the midst of recent concerns surrounding the US Federal Reserve’s plans to taper its bond buying programme, one thing remains clear: emerging markets will be a major contributor to the growth projected in the securities...