IFLR Asia M&A Forum: acquisition finance key takeaways

Author: | Published: 28 Feb 2013
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In case you missed day two of the IFLR Asia M&A Forum, here are the key takeaways from the acquisition finance panel.

  • Outside of Japan and Australia, leveraged buyouts (LBOs) are somewhat patchy. Asia saw only two to three last year. But the management-led LBO and take-private of Focus Media, an offshore holding company with business primarily in China, might inspire new deals.
  • Panelists haven't often seen private equity funds utilise high-yield for buyouts, because Asia lacks the investor-base of the US and Europe. The region may, however, see more following the implementation of Basel III.
  • There are three types of financings for Chinese companies looking to go private. The first is corporate financings, in which deals are backed and guaranteed by a strong corporate name. The second is sponsor-guaranteed financings. The third sees banks are getting more comfortable lending to offshore-domiciled holding companies whose main business is located in China, although it is still difficult to obtain onshore guarantees.
  • Expect to see more LBOs in emerging jurisdictions, such as Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, although it can be difficult to get deals done in these markets.

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