Spot the connections

Author: | Published: 1 Apr 2009

Simon Crompton

Charlie Beauchamp has his head in his hands.

The day we meet, a colleague had walked past Beauchamp's office while he was in this position and felt compelled to go in and ask whether he was ok. He was fine; it was just a particularly complicated part of the conference call and he needed to visualise the bank's interlinking relationships.

But Citigroup's Head of Banking & Capital Markets Origination Legal in London has always found this an easier way to picture connections. "I've always visualised things in my head. Some people like diagrams, some people like narratives, some people take notes. I find it easier to picture things – it saves time, because when factors change you don't have to draw a whole new diagram. You can just move the pieces around in your mind."

The key to working out how Citi can work with a client is to...