Christopher Meyn, Gávea Investimentos

Author: | Published: 17 Nov 2008

Nicholas Pettifer
Staff writer

“There is no delinking from the global economy and there will be volatility here like everywhere else”

At the International Bar Association conference in Buenos Aires, a discussion on Latin American private equity and hedge funds featured Christopher Meyn, partner at Brazilian firm Gávea Investimentos. Here, he outlines the reasons why he feels Brazil is the best country in Latin America for private equity houses to invest into.

IFLR: How is Brazil generally characterised in the press and among investors? Christopher Meyn: It's a country that (right, wrong or indifferent) is perceived as a bit buffeted by what we are seeing right now globally. This isn't true. It is a very attractive market, and there are fundamental reasons why it has become more attractive for private equity. But, like anywhere else, it is not magic: there is no silver bullet, there is no delinking...