Dateline 2000: the world's biggest firms

Author: | Published: 1 Jan 2000

At the beginning of a new millennium, Ben Maiden examines their growth and looks ahead to the next decade

Growth is only one aspect of success," says Giles Rubens, senior consultant at Hildebrandt. "But a firm that is growing is probably getting some things right. For those firms that have grown you can almost immediately answer the question: What is this firm famous for? Those firms that haven't grown are generally the firms that are not famous for anything." IFLR was the first publication to look at and compare the world's largest law firms on an international level. Today, creating a global network occupies the thoughts and plans of most market leaders and, when new rivals are emerging in form of the accountants, the growth of these firms says much about their strategies and their success in meeting them.

IFLR first made an objective comparison of the sizes of international law...