Taiwan private equity

Author: | Published: 1 Aug 2007

Tom Young
Staff writer

"I have sympathy for Taiwanese regulators," says Jack Huang, partner at Jones Day in Taipei. "They don't know what to think and they don't know what do about private equity bids."

The same could be said about private equity firms in Taiwan, who are spending more and more time second-guessing a befuddled regulator with neither a policy view, nor experience in dealing with foreign bids.

Taiwan has been mooted as Asia's new private equity paradise for nearly four years. Its thriving technology sector would attract huge US bids. They would buy up, de-list, restructure, and sell on. And with foreign bidders in the region galled by China's obstruction to private equity, Taiwan was expected to be the perfect antidote.

No way in US investors are certainly buzzing around. But the country's Financial Services Commission (FSC) and cabinet-level Investment Commission (IC) often won't let them in. Approvals run over...