Jeff Golden of the ABA

Author: | Published: 1 Oct 2007

Simon Crompton

IFLR: How has your first year in charge of the ABA Section of International Law been?

Golden: Great, when I became chair at the end of last year's meeting in San Francisco I took over a section on a roll. The leadership over the past few years has been a succession of outstanding talent and great team players. I learned a lot from them, and they've put ABA International into a whole new sphere.

How have membership figures been going?

Again, going well based on several years of growth. We're the fastest growing section of the ABA. When I took over I was impressed that we had 16,000 members. But someone told me yesterday that this has gone up to 17,500. Not all bar associations have found it that easy to grow.

Where have the numbers come from?

A large portion of it is from young...