In-house struggle in Asia

Author: | Published: 1 Nov 2007

Tom Young
Asia editor

The overarching theme of the Asian Bankers' Counsel Poll (see page 12) is in-house teams struggling to keep up with their bank's growth in the region. How much would you agree with this?

Paul Browne: The Asian market has grown a lot in recent years with an increase in the complexity of financial products, as well as investors becoming more sophisticated. That's naturally led to a higher workload for in-house teams and a general increase in the need for expertise. So it's not surprising that banks are finding in certain areas that they are pushed. It varies from house to house. Some have been more pro-active in terms of their investment in this than others.

Do you think it's a case of the legal teams trying to keep up with the front office, or the disparate nature of the region? PB: That's a good question. As you say,...