News analysis

  • Poor local enforcement hampers FIE reform

    01 December 2015

    China's government wants to ease restrictions on the investment vehicle. Local counsel say enforcement of the country’s amended Company Law is already lax

  • Managed products need more transparency

    02 September 2015

    Securities research firm Morningstar is proposing that all managed products sold to investors should have increased and equivalent disclosure standards

  • PE and VC fund terms converge

    26 August 2015

    Venture capital funds are getting bigger, and their limited partners are demanding more protections. That has pushed VC terms closer to those of buyout funds

  • UK Pipes are back – for now

    26 August 2015

    Volatility and a lack of liquidity in Aim-listed stocks has sparked growing interest in private investments in public equity. But deals today may not indicate a long-term trend