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  • EU insolvency reform cautiously welcomed

    23 November 2016

    The Commission hopes to shift to a culture of preventive restructuring as early as possible. It won't be easy

  • UN cross-border insolvency law revisited

    11 October 2016

    Since its adoption in 1997, the Model Law has seen a global uptake. But its lack of prescriptive approach has raised many practical questions

  • EU insolvency harmonisation gathers steam

    27 September 2016

    A proposed directive is due at the end of next month, introducing minimum standards across four key areas of insolvency proceedings

  • Dissecting Saudi’s first insolvency law

    15 September 2016

    The kingdom has long been lacking a workable restructuring regime for corporates in distress. It's the latest of a series of economic reforms following the companies' law in May

  • DIP financing comes to Colombia

    14 September 2016

    Access to funding for struggling companies is limited in the country, for both regulatory and commercial reasons. But a recent case suggests the tide may be turning

  • Making DIP financing work for Mexico

    08 August 2016

    The restructuring tool has been held back due to very little clarity as to how it works and a severe shortage of bank lending

  • Saudi group's restructuring breakthrough assessed

    02 August 2016

    Ahmad Hamad Al-Gosaibi & Brothers' deal with its main creditors means the end is a step closer for one of the Middle East’s longest running commercial disputes

  • Brexit further blurs EU insolvency picture

    06 July 2016

    A UK no longer subject to the European Insolvency Regulation would struggle to have its own proceedings recognised in other member states