Asia Fintech Special Focus

  • Asia’s fintech battleground

    The region’s financial hubs are vying for supremacy in the emerging sector. It’s a tight race

  • Moving forward

    The jurisdiction is making strides to promote cooperation between financial institutions and fintech companies, as Yuri Suzuki and Takafumi Ochiai of Atsumi & Sakai demonstrate

  • Funding growth

    Marcus Chow of Bird & Bird gives an overview of the various sources of financing and initiatives available for fintech startups in the city-state to support their growth strategies

  • Beyond bank ownership restrictions

    Eun Joo Kang, Sung Yun Kang and Jay Lee of Bae Kim & Lee discuss the impact of a proposed relaxation of bank ownership restrictions for internet banks

  • The digital way

    Jae In Lee and Se Yeong Im of Bae Kim & Lee examine how regulators are increasingly turning their attention to the country’s virtual currency market

  • Making it work

    Jung Min Lee, Gye-Jeong Kim and Denai (Minji) Koh of Kim & Chang take a look at how crowdfunding is regulated in Korea, and assess if this new flexible form of financing could one day surpass bank lending for SMEs

  • Disruptive forces

    Kwang Bae Park, Hyun Koo Kang and Hwan Kyoung Ko of Lee & Ko assess how fintech deregulation will play a key part of Korea’s fourth industrial revolution movement

  • Bridging the gap

    Wonil Kim, Myung Soo Lee and Ju Yong Lee, of Yoon & Yang take a look at various proposed legislative attempts to relax the current prohibition on industrial companies owning internet-only banks