Switzerland Guide 2015

  • Key jurisdiction, key differences

  • The birth of bail-in

    Credit Suisse’s Wilson Ervin explains how his Lehman experience led to the creation of bail-in, and describes some of the innovations by the Swiss regulators.

  • Maintaining variation

    Richard Johnson of Credit Suisse Group discusses expectations for capital structuring and product development in the coming 12 months.

  • Regulatory opportunities?

    Markus Fuchs, managing director of the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association (SFAMA) provides an overview of current regulatory developments affecting the sector, and explains why some aspects may have a positive outcome

  • Legal hurdles in cooperating with foreign governments

    With an unprecedented rise in the number of whistleblowing cases in the Swiss banking sector, Saverio Lembo and Christophe Hensler of Bär & Karrer consider the far from simple application of the legal provisions

  • Introducing the paying agent system

    Bär & Karrer’s tax team discuss the implications of proposed changes to the Swiss withholding tax system

  • Swiss subsidiaries to face stricter limitations

    Stéphane Konkoly and Rolf Wüthrich of burckhardt discuss the future of intragroup financing arrangements in light of the recent Swiss Supreme Court ruling on the collapse of the Swissair group

  • Preliminary draft promises a more progressive outlook

    Marco A Rizzi and Mark Montanari of Froriep break down the contents of the proposed reform to the Swiss Stock Corporation Law and warn that a slow legislative system will delay its effects

  • Preliminary judicial protection

    Urs Feller and Bernhard C Lauterburg of Prager Dreifuss discuss interim relief in recent cases, highlighting areas where it pays to be prudent

  • A Swiss finish

    René Bösch and Benjamin Leisinger of Homburger explain how the country’s treatment of bank capital differs from EU standards

  • 2014: a very good year

    Luc Defferrard, Lukas Wyss and Maurus Winzap of Walder Wyss offer an overview of Swiss acquisition finance after a healthy 12 months in the market