High yield special focus

  • IFLR’s High yield special focus

    Contributors include to this year's special focus include Clifford Chance, RBS and Commerzbank

  • Tailoring high-yield terms

    Michael Dakin of Clifford Chance explains why issuers and sponsors can’t afford to take a homogeneous approach to disclosure in an expanding market

  • HY terms up for grabs in 2015

    Despite continued debate over investor protections, Kevin Connell of RBS explains how market pragmatism is shaping deal terms

  • High yield in a volatile market

    Issuers may continue to face uncertainty, but Commerzbank’s Scott Boothby explains that the market’s ability to handle instability shows a maturing asset class

  • Spotlight on Australia’s nascent HY market

    With the Australian domestic high yield bond market in a growth phase, Anna-Marie Slot, Jamie Ng and Paul Jenkins of Ashurst look at how it sizes up next to Europe and the US

  • Opportunity and risk in Chinese high yield

    Despite a range of challenges and pitfalls, Guanchun Dai of Jingtian & Gongcheng gives a positive outlook for the future of Chinese real estate issuance

  • Luxembourg: a premium listing location

    Frédéric Feyten and Stéphane Hadet of OPF Partners describe the ins and outs of the Grand Duchy's high-yield market, which is at the forefront of Europe's post-crisis recovery

  • Spain’s growing high-yield market

    Fernando de las Cuevas and Ferran Foix Miralles of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo assess the country’s high yield framework