Project finance guide 2012

  • IFLR 2012 project finance guide e-book

    All the chapters from IFLR's 2012 Project finance guide are available to view in e-book format

  • Introduction: Infrastructure’s new reality

    A new year means a new approach to infrastructure funding, explains Julia Prescot, non-executive director at the International Project Finance Association and chief strategy officer at Meridiam Infrastructure

  • Interview: A glass half full

    If you are a sponsor looking for finance, you’ve no doubt seen better days. Here’s the bank counsel’s perspective on how to navigate today’s market

  • A step forward for Algerian project finance

    Michael Coleman and Celine van Zeebroeck of Baker & McKenzie evaluate the success of steps taken in Algeria to restore the confidence of foreign investors

  • Dominican Republic: Snapshot of a growing market

    Ernesto Bournigal Read and Ingrid María Jesús Rodríguez of OMG describe a project finance market where debt and equity opportunities are ripe for the picking

  • Germany: Making the switch

    Salans’ Bernhard Gemmel and Peter Mayer discuss Germany’s shift from nuclear to renewables energy

  • Indonesia: An economic masterplan

    Ibrahim Assegaf and Yanu Wiriasmoko of AHP describe how PPP deals are beginning to take off in Indonesia, thanks to a series of government initiatives

  • Nigeria: Lessons from Shell

    Ken Etim and Dipo Okuribido of Banwo & Ighodalo describe the challenges and achievements of a formerly struggling oil and gas industry