Mexico annual review 2012

  • Mexico annual review 2012 e-book

    All the chapters from IFLR's Mexico annual review 2012 are available to view in e-book format

  • A bright future

  • A success story

    Mexico’s pension funds are the country’s cornerstone institutional investors. Pedro Ordorica, head of the sector’s regulator Consar, gives his views and plans for the industry’s future. By Danielle Myles

  • Navigating new opportunities

    Real estate financing in Mexico has experienced a wave of innovation. Evercore Partners’ Augusto Arellano Ostoa has been involved at every stage. He shares his experience and insights with Danielle Myles

  • Outside of the box

    Mexico became known as Latin America’s securitisation leader off the back of mortgage-backed securities. Since the global real estate market collapsed, the country has been on the hunt for alternatives. Danielle Myles takes a look at its most promising finds

  • Helping back home

    Mexico’s banks have fared well in recent years, but Basel III and other key reforms will significantly affect cross-border capital and investment flows. By Ryan Bolger

  • Corporates beware

    This year has brought into sharp focus some lingering as well as new threats to companies operating in Mexico

  • The bigger picture

    A wrap up of the hottest sectors and developments in the country’s M&A, finance and project markets

  • Do not pass go

    Fernando Estavillo-Castro and Citlali Perez-Renteria of Miranda & Estavillo provide an update of competition law in Mexico

  • Striving for world-class

    A solid economy, multilateral investment, plus trade and tax relations have greatly benefited foreign direct investment into the country, as explained by Miguel Jáuregui Rojas and Miguel Irurita Tomasena of Jáuregui y Navarrete

  • Conflict resolution

    A brief introduction to commercial court proceedings in Mexico, by Miguel Angel Hernandez-Romo Valencia of Hernandez Romo

  • Minority support

    Carlos Obregón Rojo and Rodrigo Conesa Labastida from Ritch Mueller provide the must-know details of tender offers in Mexico

  • Naturally rich

    Mexican mining opportunities for foreign investors is discussed by Fernando Todd Dip of Todd & Asociados

  • Getting the right package

    Rogelio López-Velarde and Jorge Jiménez Arana of López Velarde Heftye y Soria describe the road to financing a project in Mexico

  • Harnessing the wind

    Basham Ringe & Correa’s Juan Carlos Serra discusses developments in Mexico’s renewable energy sector

  • Closing stages

    Thomas Heather of Heather & Heather provides an overview of considerations when restructuring businesses in Mexico

  • Opportunities open up

    Héctor Arangua and Gunter A Schwandt of Nader Hayaux & Goebel explain two instruments which are revolutionising Mexican structured finance

  • An education

    Carlos Eduardo Martínez Rico of Creel García-Cuéllar Aiza y Enriquez explains why taxation has a crucial role in developing Mexico’s capital markets