Basel III guide 2012

  • Introduction: Let countries choose

    Harmonisation is the right way forward but individual countries must be free to make their own decisions

  • Greece: Catching up

    Nikolaos Fragos of Karatzas & Partners looks at Greek preparations for the new Basel III framework

  • The Netherlands: Losing sleep over Basel III

    Rezah Stegeman and Jurgen van der Meer of Clifford Chance identify some issues with Basel III that are raising concerns within the Dutch banking industry

  • South Korea: A soft transition

    Sang Hwan Lee and Sang Hoon Lee of Kim & Chang in look at Korea’s gradual transition to the Basel III framework

  • Switzerland: Regime change

    Martin Lanz and Olivier Favre of Schellenberg Wittmer describe a new regulatory capital regime for Swiss banks

  • UK: Getting ready

    Steven McEwan of Hogan Lovells examines developments in the UK in the run up to the implementation of Basel III