Real Estate guide

  • Argentina: Real opportunities

    Hernán Slemenson of Marval O’Farrell & Mairal provides an overview for investors in Argentina

  • Costa Rica: Spoilt for choice

    Alberto Pauly and Guillermo E. Zúñiga of Gutiérrez Hernández & Pauly outline investment opportunities in Costa Rica

  • Mexico: The bet for financial recovery

    Luis Moreno and Cesar Ramírez of Haynes and Boone in Mexico on whether capital certificates will rescue real estate

  • Slovakia: Slovakia’s next step

    Jaroslav Ruzicka and Nina Dubovská from Ruzicka Csekes s.r.o. in association with members of CMS, explain the new regulations for property transfers and evaluate the state of the market

  • Spain: Land valuation modified

    Antonio Gómez Cid of Uría Menéndez unravels Spain’s controversial land valuation system

  • Sweden: Reform simplifies transfers

    Jan Litborn and Jan Berg of Glimstedt Law Firm outline the procedure for transferring real property in Sweden

  • Switzerland: Growing certainty

    Wolfgang Müller and Alexander Vogel assess recent amendments to Swiss real estate law

  • UAE: Calmer Waters?

    Brent Baldwin of Hadef & Partners examines the effect of recent regulations on the stability of Dubai’s real estate market

  • Ukraine: Fuelled by football

    Roman Kostenko and Yevgen Karpov of Asters outline the basic provisions of Ukrainian real estate law and the importance of Euro 2012 for the sector