The 2010 guide to Dispute resolution

  • Reinvigorated debate

    Thomas Bevilacqua of Winston & Strawn discusses implementation of the Hague Evidence Convention in France in the context of American discovery requests

  • When push comes to shove

    As disputes continue to rise in Germany, Alice Broichmann and Steffen Ernemann of P+P Pöllath + Partners discuss the country’s standard court systems and its arbitration rules

  • Third party extension

    Dr András Szecskay and Dr Miklós Boronkay of Szecskay Attorneys at Law discuss the validity of arbitration agreements and how they can cover third parties

  • Now arbitration friendly?

    Recent rulings in India seem to be making it a more attractive venue for arbitration, say Shafaq Uraizee Sapre and Gautam Dembla of Nishith Desai Associates

  • Securities litigation picks up

    Akihiro Hironaka and Jun Katsube of Nishimura & Asahi explain why listed companies are facing more lawsuits

  • How litigation works

    Dr Johannes Gasser of Advokaturbuero Dr Dr Batliner & Dr Gasser walks the reader through litigation and other dispute resolution in Liechtenstein

  • Madoff’s long legacy

    A decision on investor compensation over Madoff’s funds will have far reaching consequences. Fabio Trevisan of Bonn Schmitt Steichen explains its impact

  • The pros and cons

    Andrey Zelenin and Dmitry Pavlov of Lidings explain the advantages and misunderstandings of litigation and dispute resolution in Russia

  • Kiko contracts survive initial challenges in court

    Jin Yeong Chung and Sungjean Seo of Kim & Chang update on developments to the challenges to foreign currency hedges in the Korean courts

  • Dynamic times for dispute resolution

    Georg von Segesser and James Menz of Schellenberg Wittmer review important recent developments affecting litigation and arbitration in Switzerland

  • The New York Convention and IPPL

    Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments, by Ercüment Erdem and Süleyman Sevinç of Erdem & Erdem

  • To sue or not to sue

    A rising wave of disputes in the Ukrainian banking sector mean that banks must strengthen legal departments and assess their non-performing loan portfolio