Telecommunications, the Millennium, the Internet and Beyond

  • European Union

    The rapid emergence of the electronic marketplace since the mid-1990s has created new opportunities for consumers and businesses, and posed a number of challenges for regulators.

  • France

    In France, the question of internet access has been the subject of recent regulatory developments relating mainly to lower rates and of two decisions rendered by the French Competition Council. Moreover, the French Personal Data Authority recently issued a report concerning spams.

  • Germany

    The telecommunications sector in Germany was fully liberalized effective January 1 1998, when Deutsche Telekom, the country's incumbent, lost its remaining monopoly, the provision of voice telephony services.

  • Greece

    The Greek telecoms sector is gradually but steadily moving to a competitive environment.

  • Hungary

    The general principles for the regulation of telecommunications were laid down in the Telecommunications Act adopted in 1992.

  • Italy

    The introduction of new technologies and the liberalization of telecoms services carried out by the European legislator are key factors to consider when analysing the liberalization process of Italian telecoms services.

  • Malaysia

    Outline of the communications and multimedia act 1998

  • Poland


  • Portugal

    Liberalization of Fixed Voice Telephony

  • Singapore

    Where IT Converges

  • Switzerland

    Development of telecoms market since liberalization