• A preferred jurisdiction

    Malcolm Moller of Appleby outlines the regulation of collective investment schemes or closed-end funds in Mauritius

  • The host with the most?

    Ricardo M Arango and Gian Castillero of Arias Fábrega & Fábrega explain why Panama could be the offshore jurisdiction that has it all

  • Enhanced communication

    Juan Carlos Castro Loría of C & S Law Group outlines the liberalisation of Costa Rica's telecommunication industry

  • The perfect vehicle?

    Wendy Walker of Harneys discusses BVI companies and the equity capital markets

  • The lender's Holy Grail

    Indira Birkwood of Harneys outlines the advantages of using a BVI company for financing transactions

  • The competitive edge

    Trevor A Carmichael QC of Chancery Chambers explains why Barbados has long been an attractive jurisdiction