• Investment hot spot

    We should explore Romania's emerging M&A markets to get a sense of the growth, say Miruna Suciu and Iuliana Craiciu of Musat & Asociatii

  • Progressive private equity

    Foreign investment in Romanian private equity is continuing to grow and to inform management, says Cosmin Stavaru of Bulboaca & Asociatii

  • Real estate: the tax landscape

    Ana-Maria Miron and Mihaela Ioja of NNDKP offer an overview of the post-EU accession tax regime operating in Romania's real estate market

  • Negotiating regulation

    Florin Dobre and Andrei Dumitrache of Pachiu & Associates discuss the rules and practicalities that affect public takeovers

  • Transition and competition

    The sale of state-owned assets needs an attentive and flexible approach, says Gabriela Anton of Vilau & Mitel

  • Tips for success

    Those keen to enter the attractive world of Romanian real estate should listen up, says Roxana Negutu of Voicu & Filipescu

  • Progress incorporated

    Corporate legislation continues to adapt for a market economy, say Ancuta Leach, Ligia Popescu and Carmen Anghelie of Wolf Theiss