• The pros and cons of deal protection measures

    Frank Gerhard of Homburger outlines the deal protection options available in Swiss takeovers

  • Swiss Exchange revamps listing regime for bonds

    René Bösch and Daniel Haeberli of Homburger outline the Swiss Exchange's response to the EU's Prospectus and Transparency Directives - a listing regime that rivals the EU regulated markets

  • Banks face liability for money laundering

    A recent court decision means financial institutions could face increasing tort action from money-laundering victims. And legislative changes put more professions in the line of fire. Marco Niedermann and Robin Grand of Niedermann Rechtsanwälte explain

  • How derivatives are listed on the SWX

    Mark-Oliver Baumgarten, Philippe Borens and Olivier Alber of Schellenberg Wittmer highlight the latest developments of the Swiss derivatives market regulation and practice

  • Bilateral Agreements II: the tax considerations

    A set of agreements between Switzerland and the EU will have a positive effect for those doing business in the country. Michael Nordin, Madeleine Simonek, Pietro Sansonetti and Joëlle Zumoffen Fruttero of Schellenberg Wittmer explain

  • External asset managers under increased scrutiny

    Switzerland is levelling the financial sector’s playing field by assessing the lack of regulation regarding external asset managers. Daniel Stoll and Nicolas Schwarz of Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte outline the changes

  • New law cures paperless securities headache

    Jörg A Witmer of Walder Wyss & Partners takes a look at Switzerland’s book-entry securities law project