• Why the market is favouring arbitration

    The cost and delays involved in litigating in the state courts are leading many in the Portuguese market to consider arbitration instead. By Pedro Metello de Nápoles and Inês Gomes da Cruz of PLMJ

  • Change brings credibility for competition authority

    The Portuguese Competition Law creates a new and improved Competition Authority, which is cracking down on anti-competitive practices and concentrations. By José Luís da Cruz Vilaça and Dorothée Choussy Serzedelo of PLMJ

  • M&A: unravelling Portugal's red tape

    João Pateira Ferreira, Sofia Ferreira Enriquez, Joana Andrade Correia and Rita Tavares de Almeida of Raposo Bernardo & Associados navigate through Portugal's bureaucratic M&A processes

  • How to form a joint venture in Portugal

    Miguel Spínola of Mullerat details the various forms of commercial association available to entities carrying out a joint venture under Portuguese law, focussing on forms of association aimed at limited-term projects

  • Criminal intent: when companies are held liable

    It is possible to show that an individual acted with criminal intent, but how can the criminal intent of a company be proven? By Rui Patrício of Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados

  • The pros and cons of the Prospectus Directive

    Jorge de Brito Pereira and Sónia Teixeira da Mota of PLMJ assess the impact of the EU Prospectus Directive on Portugal's capital markets

  • Portugal ready to embrace new asset classes

    The securitization of more diverse asset classes is yet to become reality in Portugal, despite changes in the law that make new types of deals possible. By Paula Gomes Freire, André Figueiredo and Pedro Cassiano Santos of Vieira de Almeida

  • Tax changes shift focus to consolidation

    Diogo Ortigão Ramos and António Rocha Mendes of Gonçalves Pereira, Castelo Branco & Associados highlight the advantages of maintaining the acquisition vehicle and the target as separate entities after a leveraged acquisition

  • PPPs high on the government's agenda

    Diogo Perestrelo and Rita Roque de Pinho of Gonçalves Pereira Castelo Branco & Associados track the development of the PPP structure in Portugal and assess some of the projects in the pipeline