• How to take (legal) action

    Different rules govern how foreign and domestic awards are enforced. Deger Boden of ÖztekinBoden explains how they work

  • Investors anxious but hopeful

    The Turkish market has had some rocky moments, but Murat Eryürekli and Yalim Özilhan of Eryurekli & Fidan are optimistic about its future

  • Pushing debt down

    Turkey's laws continue to slow its entry into the EU and onto the world stage. The draft Commercial Code goes some way towards achieving that, says Esin Taboglu of Taboglu & Demirhan

  • Better conditions for temporary workers

    A lack of legislative framework is making things difficult for temporary workers although the labour market needs them, say Dr Melek Onaran Yüksel and Kübra Siivgin of YükselKarkinKüçük

  • Seeking remedies

    Zeynep Ergun Ozeren and Ayse Nur Sanli of YükselKarkin Küçük outline Turkey's procedures for monopolies

  • Ethical experiments

    Murat Karkin and Gökhan Gökçe of YükselKarkinKüçük explain why Turkey's pharmaceutical regulations are good for business

  • A lively market

    Despite stormy conditions worldwide, Turkish M&A continues to experience smooth sailing. Zeynep Ergun Özeren and Oya Ugur of YükselKarkinKüçük look to the future

  • Natural gas corridor

    Turkey's prospects as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East are good, say Cüneyt Yüksel and Meryem Kübra Sivgin of YükselKarkinKüçük

  • Crossing that bridge

    The Turkish government has privatised fearlessly. Amendments to the Privatisation Law will speed up the process further, say lawyers from Guner Law Office

  • Venturing into partnerships

    Emin Sanli, Serdar Tunçbilek and Vanessa Quartey-Davies of Bener Law Office tell why Turkey leads the way when it comes to joint ventures

  • Taking centre stage

    M Erol Bircanoglu and Begum Ozbey of Bircanoglu argue that project finance will play a big role in Turkey's economic future