The 2008 Guide to Real Estate

  • Editorial

    Tricky times for real estate

  • Austria: A prosperous housing market

    Austria's growing population will keep its real estate buoyant, say Peter Vcelouch and Manfred Ton of Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati

  • Brazil: Investment opportunities create new needs

    José Eduardo Carneiro Queiroz and Marina Anselmo Schneider of Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados outline the options for real estate financing in Brazil

  • Bulgaria: Long-term solutions

    Bulgaria has recovered from collectivisation and nationalisation. It is now harnessing the strengths of both government and business. Ivan V Vulchev and Mladen Mladenov of PI Partners explain

  • France: A new investment vehicle

    OPCIs offer flexibility to institutional investors and security to the public, say Frédéric Nouel and Stéphane Puel of Gide Loyrette Nouel

  • Romania: A hot market

    Valentin Berea and Iustinian Captariu of Bulboaca & Associates look at the steps that will help foreign entities directly acquire land in Romania

  • Russia: The lure of Russian realty

    The Russian property market is not as risky as it may appear. It is regulated by comprehensive legislation, says Tatiana Kachalina and Oleg Volkov of Liniya Prava

  • Slovakia: Buyers take care

    Slovakian real estate is a complicated business. Daniel Futej of Futej & Partners outlines the regulations that buyers should pay particular attention to

  • South Korea: More space for business

    A chronic shortage of office space and more business-friendly regulations mean Korean real estate will flourish, say Hyeon Kang and Sangmoon Chang of Bae, Kim & Lee

  • Switzerland: Untouched by sub-prime fallout

    Despite the sub-prime crisis, the value of Swiss real estate has risen. Switzerland's real estate market is experiencing positive trends, suggest Andreas Rötheli and Cécile Berger of Lenz & Staehelin

  • Turkey: The right to buy real estate

    There are tensions between the government's desire to liberalise laws on foreign purchase, and the Constitutional Court's more conservative approach. Gökhan Gökçe and Seda Eren of YükselKarkinKüçük assess the current situation

  • Ukraine: A sellers' market

    The Ukrainian market is developing swiftly, but saturation point is still far away, says Dr Julian Ries of Beiten Burkhardt