Magazine - April 2015

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  • POLL: Europe’s best holding company regime

    Corporates looking to set up headquarters in the continent need a jurisdiction of substance. Here are their best options

  • Deal of the Month: US offshore wind first

    The non-recourse financing of Deepwater Wind Block Island has caught the attention of other sponsors who are keen to tap the nascent sector

  • Inside China: local investors buy big

    Outbound investment soared last year. Several government initiatives – including the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank – mean 2015 could see even more activity

  • What information helps shareholders vote wisely?

    K&L Gates’ David Bernstein asks whether stockholders can be given the information they need to make informed decisions. And if so, are they able to evaluate what they receive?

  • Bank Capital Forum highlights

    The European regulatory capital market continues to grow, but global and EU reforms are causing concern among investors and issuers

  • The shadow of MREL and TLAC

    The EBA and FSB may be pressured to relax limitations on the inclusion of senior unsubordinated debt in their latest capital initiatives

  • Asia M&A Forum highlights

    The tips and tricks that will help the region’s dealmakers exceed last year’s record volumes

  • Bearer shares: chronicle of a death foretold

    João Nuno Riquito and Carlos Eduardo Coelho of Riquito Advogados explain the contentious process of abolishing bearer shares as part of the fight against money laundering and financial terrorism

  • High quality securitisation: has the future arrived?

    Hogan Lovells' Lewis Cohen and Edgard Alvarez, and Sairah Burki of Structured Finance Industry Group, explain why the adoption of a HQS label could spell trouble for transactions that don’t meet the label requirements

  • GDP-linked bonds: lessons from Greece

    The potential benefits to flow from a growth-linked bond market have been debated for some time. Slaney Advisors' Starla Griffin explains why Greece’s continuing debt saga offers some lessons on how it could develop

  • Rise of alternative OTC dispute venues

    Smyth & Co's Jonathan Cary and Robert Rhoda explain why counterparties are resorting to alternative venues to resolve disputes under the ISDA Master Agreement

  • EU prospectus regime under review

    Plans for an EU capital markets union coincide with a review of the prospectus regime. The goal is to create a simpler, more harmonised prospectus regime

  • The future of Chinese keepwells

    Jay Lee of Simmons & Simmons explains why new Safe rules permitting guarantees for offshore offerings may change how the popular support mechanism is used

  • ETF smart beta: beware sales channel surfing

    For investment funds, smart beta is purported to be innovative leap. But, as explained by Arthur Cox's Adrian Mulryan, there are questions over whether marketers are steering it into choppy retail waters

  • Global regulatory enforcement post-Libor

    The Libor scandal fundamentally changed global regulatory enforcement. As Cleary Gottlieb's Jonathan Kelly explains, today, institutions are increasingly being deputised to police themselves

  • Ensuring creditors won't be worse off

    Hong Kong has proposed a regime to ensure creditors will be able to recover value if liquidation is a more favourable solution than resolution. But practical implementation will be challenging

  • Closing conditions

    The lighter side of the past month in the world of financial law

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