Magazine - December/January 2015

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  • Poll: Will Basel III prevent another crisis?

    The last major regulatory reform under Basel III has been announced. But will the measures prevent another crisis?

  • Deal of the month: Detroit bankruptcy

    The city’s use of Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code made the deal similar to both a sovereign and corporate restructure

  • Inside China: challenges for muni bonds

    Can the new breed of municipal bonds refinance local governments’ non-performing debts?

  • Do investors want to vote?

    This instalment of Corporate Governance Quarterly asks whether shareholders are interested in anything more than the bottom line

  • Isda's O'Malia: CFTC rules need reassessing

    Six months after becoming chief of the global OTC trade body, Scott O’Malia discusses his plans for the cross-border derivative market

  • Asifma conference highlights

    The Association's annual conference last month saw influential rulemakers clarify their positions on TLAC, cross-border cooperation and RMB internationalisation

  • Stock Connect: China's beneficial ownership questions explained

    Beneficial ownership issues have hampered Ucits’ ability to invest through the Stock Connect. But Asifma's Eugenie Shen explains that the real issue may be enforcement

  • Lender consents: caveat underwriter?

    Indian issuers are selling securities without consulting their lenders. Herbert Smith Freehills' Siddhartha Sivaramakrishnan and Gareth Deiner explain it may make underwriters liable for tort

  • Sovereign debt’s statutory solution

    A multilateral legal framework for restructuring sovereign debt has been put back on the table. Steven Schwarcz explains why, despite objections, it could be the best suggestion yet

  • Structured products regulations gain traction

    It’s been a watershed year for structured product reforms. Attention has now turned to how the patchwork of regulations will interact

  • ICAV: Ireland’s new fund vehicle explained

    Matheson's Anne-Marie Bohan explains why the Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicle is set to become the instrument of choice for Irish investment funds

  • M&A annual review

    M&A is back with a bang. As always, IFLR1000’s annual rankings identify the law firms that are shaping the markets to watch

  • Silver linings for CEE's restructuring push

    The political crisis embroiling Russia and Ukraine has created new opportunities for foreign and local banks in the region. Mayer Brown's Mayank Gupta and Trevor Wood analyse the areas to watch

  • Wholesale markets and the limits of regulation

    The Fair and Effective Market Review has laudable objectives. But as Freshfields' Michael Raffan and Joanna Benjamin explain, history reveals the limits to regulating wholesale markets

  • BBA: the leverage ratio explained

    The British Bankers’ Association explains its stance on the emergence of different regulatory responses to the leverage ratio

  • Deposit guarantee schemes: is your company protected?

    New European directives expand the entities protected by deposit guarantee schemes. Taking Germany as an example, Linklaters' Antje-Irina Kurz and Marcel Gromm explain how the changes represent a significant shift

  • The case for the TTIP

    The Atlantic Council’s Chris Brummer explains why the organisation is a firm supporter of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and how recent political developments are impacting negotiations

  • The EAC Double Taxation Treaty explained

    Birungyi Barata & Associates discuss what the East African Community Double Taxation Agreement means for raising capital and investment in the region

  • Closing conditions

    The lighter side of the past month in financial law

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