Magazine - December 2011 / January 2012

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Cover Story

  • Predictions for 2012

    This year will be a tale of two regions. Emerging markets will see more developments in legal structuring and commercially-minded regulation. Developed markets will see the opposite.


  • A grand union

    China is expanding its OTC markets, which will have a significant effect on securities firms and fund exit structures

  • Middle East awards

    All the winning firms, teams and national winners from the fifth annual awards ceremony in Dubai

  • Editorial: Impossible to predict

  • Americas: US thought leader status is over

  • Asia: A clampdown, but to whose benefit?

  • Europe: The eurozone conundrum

  • A difficult landscape

    The country is on the rise, but questions remain about M&A structuring and capital markets regulation

  • HKEx speaks out

    Hong Kong Stock Exchange officials outline the future of depositary receipts, the Joint Policy Statement and the offshore renminbi equity market

  • Foreign access delayed

    International companies won’t be able to list until market sentiment towards China improves

  • A new safe haven

    With US municipal bonds looking more attractive, overseas investors need to understand the complex tax and regulatory requirements associated with them

  • A new era

    The SFC is standardising pre-deal research, but questions remain about material information and the role of sponsors

  • FSB, Deutsche clash over CoCos

    An IBA panel argument over plans to ban CoCos from G-Sifi buffers highlights regulator inconsistencies

  • More clarity needed

    European lawyers welcome Esma’s technical advice on the AIFM directive, but plenty of worries remain

  • A cure for all ills?

    The Commission’s proposals must strike a difficult balance between regulatory control and efficient market functioning

  • A shift of focus

    Ireland’s new special resolution regime moves the emphasis away from third-party investors and burden sharing. Here’s how it affects creditors, banks and depositors

  • Will this time be different?

    The same issues behind Japan’s Olympus scandal were raised 20 years ago. Will attitudes change this time?

  • A matter of perspective

    The IFLR1000’s M&A law firm rankings show a lawyer’s view of the market depends on where they’re standing. Here is this year's M&A survey

  • After Del Monte

    A recent Delaware court decision highlighted the risks of conflicts of interest with financial advisers. Here’s how to approach them

  • A watchdog with a strong bite

    Hong Kong’s anti-corruption authority has developed into one of the most powerful in the world. Understanding its powers is the key to avoiding its gaze

  • Europe on alert

    Chinese state-owned enterprises’ increasing European investments are causing competition concerns at the EC. Here’s what the regulators are focusing on

  • A lender’s view

    With Vietnam’s borrowers well into their repayment cycles, it’s important to understand default trigger points, restructuring alternatives and voluntary insolvency proceedings

  • More deals, new structures

    As Brazil attracts further foreign project finance investment, lenders are increasingly gaining protection through security liens and step-in rights

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