Magazine - August/September 2019

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Cover Story

  • The time is now

    The European Commission’s head of unit for the Capital Markets Union Tatyana Panova talks exclusively to IFLR reporter Jimmie Franklin on the ambitious project’s achievements so far



  • Market poll: Libor reform in the US

    This month IFLR is collaborating with Practice Insight to gauge the market sentiment on the secured overnight financing rate's progress as the NY Fed looks to replace USD Libor

  • Head-to-head: Is Facebook’s Libra coin a positive development for crypto?

    Is it possible for the "vampire squid" of social networks to solve the global unbanked problem?

  • Opinion: It’s not corporates’ fault they’re not going public

    Baker McKenzie partner Nick O’Donnell considers who or what is to blame for the fall in publicly-listed stocks worldwide – and why it’s unfair to say it’s the companies themselves

  • Running out of options

    Chief policy officer at Cboe Global Markets, Angelo Evangelou, explains how the Current Exposure Method is impacting the amount of trading many options market makers can engage in and driving market concentration

  • Private practice to C-suite: A corporate governance journey

    In 2016, IFLR contributing editor Joel Hogarth went from 16 years of private practice to be group CEO of financial services firm Reliance Indonesia. Here he explains what he found

  • In defence of dual-class stocks

    In this edition’s Corporate Governance Quarterly, Goodwin Proctor counsel David Bernstein explains why dual-class stocks don’t deserve the bad name they have in certain circles

  • Why you need cybersecurity insurance

    Prager Dreifuss lawyers explain how companies and banks can best protect themselves from the threat of cyberattacks

  • Basel III finalisation: completing the jigsaw

    Regulation and risk management expert Bozena Gulija assesses the Basel Committee’s progress so far and highlights key challenges ahead

  • Switzerland’s framework for cryptoassets

    In March 2019, the Swiss federal government published a draft law on distributed ledger technology. Stefan Kramer and Urs Meier of Homburger take a look

  • Japan fintech: a wholesale rethink

    Yuri Suzuki of Atsumi & Sakai looks at the Japanese government’s Growth Strategy and how it might reformulate financial regulations to foster fintech development in financial services

  • Regulating the future

    What happens when a complex legal and regulatory system tries to address fast-paced innovation? Todd Beauchamp, Stephen Wink, Yvette Valdez, Alan Avery, Loyal Horsley and Deric Behar of Latham & Watkins discuss the challenges facing US regulators

  • Fintech regulation: where do we stand?

    Latham & Watkins takes a deep dive into US trends to unpick the patchwork efforts to regulate tokens, blockchains and cryptocurrencies and the businesses that deal in them

  • IFLR Asia Best Lawyers 2020

    Ahead of the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Seoul, South Korea in September, we look at the most influential dealmakers across the Asia Pacific region

  • Investing in Indian infrastructure: opportunities and risks

    India has done much to reform the investment process for infrastructure development and it is planning for ambitious growth. Amit Kapur of J Sagar Associates investigates how foreign investors should ready themselves.

  • Philippines: preparing for a wave of M&A

    Market players will have to keep abreast of changes as the country ushers in a flurry of corporate legal updates. Francisco Lim, senior partner of ACCRA Law, reviews the developments.

  • Closing conditions

    The lighter side of the past month in the world of financial law

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