News analysis

  • La Seda scheme sets Spanish precedent

    20 August 2010

    How a Spanish company has successfully used a UK scheme of arrangement to reach a restructuring agreement with its syndicated creditors

  • Tousa ruling deals a blow to lenders

    20 August 2010

    The US bankruptcy court's decision means the enforceability of fraudulent transfer saving clauses remains uncertain

  • UK Lehman ruling explained

    05 August 2010

    Monday’s ruling means that investors with non-ringfenced assets can make claims against the main cash pool. Here, the judgment and its consequences are explained

  • UK ruling could dilute Lehman payouts

    05 August 2010

    A UK judgement could mean that payouts to some Lehman Brothers investors will be diluted, and established administration plans thrown into doubt

  • DX Services scheme clarifies early-bird fees

    04 August 2010

    A court decision in the DX Services restructuring has set a useful precedent for UK schemes of arrangement