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  • How to obtain ChinaCo/US merger approval

    20 September 2012

    Chinese companies have proposed several high-profile acquisitions of US companies this year. But the US foreign investment and antitrust regimes are challenging for those unfamiliar with US law

  • India retail liberalisation: market reaction

    20 September 2012

    In a raft of foreign direct investment reforms released last Friday, India’s Cabinet announced it would permit multi-brand retail on a state-by-state basis

  • Mofcom’s VIE mention overhyped

    06 September 2012

    Mofcom's mention of the variable interest equity structure in its recent Wal-Mart review is important. But its implications have been exaggerated

  • US conditions peak for tax-free M&A

    06 September 2012

    The US M&A market is primed for use of a bespoke, tax-free sales structure known as a reverse morris trust