Corporate governance


News analysis

  • India's new Companies Act to change CSR

    20 November 2013

    An Indian statutory requirement for companies to spend a set percentage of their profits on corporate social responsibility is believed to be an international first. And it applies equally to domestic and foreign companies

  • Aussie litigation funding to change APAC class actions

    06 November 2013

    Australia has seen an increase in class actions following the growth of its third party litigation funding model. And it’s a model that may spread throughout Asia

  • How to improve LatAm’s business environment

    09 October 2013

    Discretionary authority and regulatory frameworks that are ill-suited to local market realities are damaging foreign investors' local operations. Here's what lawyers can do about it

  • US securities litigation moves to Japan

    03 July 2013

    US institutional investors are increasingly turning to Japanese courts for securities litigation. it coincides with the country's moves to introduce a class action system