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  • India backtracks on consolidated investment caps

    29 Jul 2015

    Streamlining separate caps for foreign institutional investors and foreign direct investors will boost the country's financial markets infrastructure. But the rumoured exclusion of the banking sector would negate much the reform's impact

  • AOL/Verizon appraisal litigation assessed

    28 Jul 2015

    The deal closed in just 42 days. It followed 12 months of speculation that the AOL was a prime takeover target, yet the merger has still raised valuation concerns

  • Dominican Republic passes new insolvency law

    27 Jul 2015

    A bill approved by the national congress last Tuesday will see the establishment of new bankruptcy courts and a new system for restructures

  • Banks divided over senior managers seeking legal advice

    20 Jul 2015

    A growing number of individuals caught by the UK’s incoming regime are seeking independent counsel on their rights and responsibilities under the rules

  • Creditors win under Italian bankruptcy reforms

    14 Jul 2015

    Parliament is expected to approve the introduction of local schemes of arrangement and competing plans in restructuring proceedings

  • Kuwaiti banks oppose US-style insolvency law

    14 Jul 2015

    The reform could drastically improve the country’s competitiveness as an investment destination. But banks want something better suited to local conditions

  • Singapore codifies F&N takeover precedent

    14 Jul 2015

    Amendments to the Takeover Code follow recent UK and Hong Kong changes. They also clarify processes established during the contested takeover of Fraser and Neave

  • UAE companies reform fails to deliver

    14 Jul 2015

    The new legislation lacks clarity and doesn’t address the Gulf state’s hottest corporate topic: foreign direct ownership

  • US M&A is back

    14 Jul 2015

    The first half of 2015 has seen activity reach highs not seen since 2007. The catalyst is a combination of unique post-crisis trends.

  • Vietnam builds hopes on FDI reforms

    14 Jul 2015

    A flurry of changes to the foreign investment regime is hoped to ease the path for potential market entrants

  • M&A needs more human rights diligence

    01 Jul 2015

    Both strategic and financial investors must carry out human rights due diligence to mitigate litigation and reputational risk

  • US rule of law blocks trump China

    01 Jul 2015

    A global survey has revealed that foreign investors are more likely to encounter rule of law issues in the US than China