Deal analysis

  • Portugal’s transformative privatisation unravelled

    26 Feb 2013

    The privatisation of ANA, a Portuguese airport concession company, has revealed the country’s ability to attract foreign investment notwithstanding its precipitous debt crisis

  • Sino-Forest restructuring analysed

    19 Feb 2013

    This forestry company was first Chinese company to be restructured under Canadian law. Here's the deal documentation and key transactional challenges explained

  • Arden fund creates new alternative investment model

    12 Feb 2013

    The Arden Alternative Strategies Fund represents a new investment model that is potentially more responsive to events and changing markets than other mutual funds

  • Why PE is expanding Cambodia’s telecoms

    07 Feb 2013

    Recent moves by CAF will help develop Cambodia’s nationwide digital television network, foreshadowing significant growth in the country’s telecommunications sector

News analysis