News analysis

  • Nobody is happy

    28 May 2009

    Private equity houses object to the scope of the AIFM directive, while some politicians want it to go further

  • Lessons of the Dow/Rohm saga

    21 May 2009

    Unlike the Hexion or United Rentals cases, Dow tried to pull out of its acquisition by challenging specific performance as inequitable

  • China delegates foreign exchange approvals

    20 May 2009

    Safe has announced it will streamline approval procedures for foreign exchange business applications. But the move appears to be more symbolic than substantive

  • German private equity berates regulation

    20 May 2009

    The President of the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association launched a stinging attack on the draft alternative investment directive at the IBA conference in Rome

  • Make HK directors liable now

    19 May 2009

    Talk on Hong Kong’s corporate rescue regime has been delayed until 2010, but industry practitioners want urgent change to the laws governing director liabilities

  • Appeal could hinder change to HK privatisations

    12 May 2009

    As judges and lawyers call for changes to the way privatisations are conducted in Hong Kong, an appeal concerning PCCW’s blocked privatisation could slow reform

  • Obama ignores bankruptcy law

    07 May 2009

    The US government is illegally restructuring Chrysler to keep the company viable

  • Opinion: Why did G20 focus on hedge funds?

    01 May 2009

  • Freescale: novel bond restructuring litigation

    01 May 2009

  • You won't get our money again

    01 May 2009

    Offshore investors in China did so without protection, because they had no choice. They are now being burnt in insolvencies. China must fix its investment restrictions, and the practice of its Bankruptcy Law, if it ever wants foreign investment again

  • Transparency is in Mofcom's interests

    01 May 2009

    The Coke decision was political but backed by some promising antitrust analysis. Mofcom now needs to explain it in greater depth

  • Transparency creates expectations

    01 May 2009

    Professor Yong Huang says the Chinese government has to realise it can't stop transparency with the drafting process

  • This is how local law works

    01 May 2009

    There haven't really been liquidations in the GCC before. Understand this and you’re half way to grasping how restructurings will work after the real estate boom

  • Why deals fail

    01 May 2009

    Though there are very few unsolicited takeovers in Hong Kong, the time for them is now ripe. Here's how to manage the hurdles

  • More Macs, bigger caps

    01 May 2009

    This is distressed M&A today: more Mac clauses, completion accounts and warranties. No longer timetables though

  • Mofcom delegates authority

    01 May 2009

    Chinese companies may become more competitive in foreign M&A, as a result of Mofcom reforms to the approval process

  • How to manage sell down

    01 May 2009

    An unexpected law change on public takeovers has affected new deals. There are a few ways to address the impact though

  • Don't assume

    01 May 2009

    There will be hundreds of debt workouts in emerging markets in the next year. The former general counsel of an emerging markets fund explains how to mitigate the problems for lenders

  • Hedge fund rules rushed, just like Prospectus Directive

    01 May 2009

    The European Commission is ignoring proper process and rushing knee-jerk regulation through the legislature. The draft directive regulating the alternative investment industry will lose effectiveness as a result