News analysis

  • China needs to improve market abuse rules

    29 Apr 2009

    China has published its long-awaited guidelines on market abuse. But while a welcome display of transparency, the draft rules could be clearer

  • PCCW decision: reform Hong Kong privatisations

    29 Apr 2009

    Following the prohibition of PCCW’s attempted privatisation in Hong Kong last week, talk is turning to schemes of arrangement – and essential reforms

  • “Monumental fallout” of hedge fund directive

    28 Apr 2009

    No one is happy with the EU’s draft directive for regulating hedge funds and private equity. Not the industry and not those targeting it

  • G20: Why focus on hedge funds?

    03 Apr 2009

    The focus on the regulation of hedge funds at yesterday’s G20 meeting was odd. They had nothing to do with this financial crisis

  • China and India have control

    01 Apr 2009

    Liability management in China is being restricted by offshore rules. In India, it's the exchange rate. Both may be forced to change

  • Don't throw cash away

    01 Apr 2009

    US companies should consider how debt buybacks are seen by creditors. Don't just jump on a discount

  • Watch out for insider dealing

    01 Apr 2009

    Bond buybacks have a number of pitfalls for Asian companies. And distressed M&A can be even more complicated

  • China bans Coke merger

    01 Apr 2009

  • Delaware courts clear Citigroup and AIG

    01 Apr 2009

  • A unique, successful, private restructuring

    01 Apr 2009

    The way market participants restructured Canada's third-party asset-backed commercial paper is a model for restructurings elsewhere in the world

  • The dangers of sleeves

    01 Apr 2009

    Broker-dealers should redraft standard documentation when dealing with sub-accounts of investment funds

  • The UK impact

    01 Apr 2009

    Although most changes are minor, the Acquisitions Directive is very important. It establishes a transparent process for assessing a takeover across the entire EU

  • A fourth exit option

    01 Apr 2009

    The Shanghai Takeover Notice is far more important than it first appears. It benefits foreign investors and could even give them another exit option from China

  • The next wave should be shares

    01 Apr 2009

    The next wave of recapitalisations will be preferred shares rather than subordinated notes, to increase core capital