News analysis

  • Middle East shortlist announced

    25 Sep 2008

    The shortlist for IFLR's Middle East awards has been announced. For all the nominated deals and teams, click here

  • Dodgy documents create more problems for Lehman

    24 Sep 2008

    As the dust settles on the remains of Lehman Brothers, administrators are struggling to pick up the pieces. Rights and obligations regarding assets and trades are not clear; the documents did not anticipate an event of default

  • Investment limits for Goldman and Morgan Stanley

    24 Sep 2008

    The shift of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to holding companies will limit minority investments in the banks, at a time when they need as much help as they can get

  • EC "turns blind eye" to Lloyds/HBOS

    19 Sep 2008

    In normal market conditions, the merger of Lloyds TSB and HBOS would be subject to numerous competition hurdles (if allowed at all). But the UK government is using special powers to force it through and the EC won't take action either

  • EU/Korea antitrust pact eases investigations

    12 Sep 2008

    The new anti-competition agreement between Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) and the EU should make competition investigations less painful for multinationals in Korea

  • Insider fine shouldn't worry UK hedge funds

    12 Sep 2008

    The FSA's clampdown on insider trading gained prominence this week, but hedge funds have little to be concerned about in the near future

  • Impasse puts off UK restructurings

    10 Sep 2008

    Although many UK companies are struggling, few are going into a formal insolvency process because neither they nor their creditors can afford it. Lawyers are advising both to wait and see

  • IMF persists with pointless sovereign wealth "code"

    04 Sep 2008

    The IMF has persuaded 26 sovereign wealth funds to agree to voluntary transparency guidelines. But doubts remain over the impact this will have

  • Anti-monopoly

    01 Sep 2008

    Three takes on China's rather confusing law

  • Baffling rules

    01 Sep 2008

    The implementing regulations for concentrations guarantee confusion