News analysis

  • China and US allege protectionism

    11 Jun 2008

    In a letter to the US treasury, the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission has criticised proposals affecting the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US. The US reaction could lead to protectionist stalemate

  • Market divided over SEC tender offer rules

    11 Jun 2008

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued proposed changes to the 1999 tender offer rules regarding the restriction of US shareholders last month. But lawyers are split on their effectiveness

  • Uncertainty surrounds China's first share swap

    06 Jun 2008

    Poly Investments has carried out the first share swap in China under new M&A rules, but uncertainty still surrounds the treatment of acquiring equity interest

  • Corporate Counsel Poll launches

    05 Jun 2008

    Following the success of last year's Corporate Counsel Poll, the second landmark survey of in-house lawyers at Europe's biggest companies launches this week

  • Europe's new terms

    01 Jun 2008

    Sponsors and borrowers face tough new conditons on leveraged lending

  • Over the worst of it

    01 Jun 2008

    The US courts have blundered over recent Pipe cases. The SEC has been unable to help

  • You'll be glad of your US listing

    01 Jun 2008

    China companies listed in the US are better placed to buy assets at depressed prices

  • Always passport

    01 Jun 2008

    Only offer your exchange-traded fund in France if it harmonised under EU law

  • Easy to buy, hard to hold

    01 Jun 2008

    Russian targets are easy to acquire but a lack of takeover defences makes them vulnerable

  • The fear of big business

    01 Jun 2008

    Takeover opportunities could diminish

  • Failing reverse break-up fees

    01 Jun 2008

    Acquisition agreements need plain termination options with set fees

  • Easier buyouts

    01 Jun 2008

    A bill loosening financial assistance rules should encourage private equity

  • Power to the minority

    01 Jun 2008

    Italy's minority shareholder rights have been clarified. This may lead to more disputes though