News analysis

  • Creditors drive Siv restructurings

    23 Apr 2008

    The diverse creditor bases of structured investment vehicles are driving the restructuring of Sivs that don't have bank sponsorship

  • The best quotes from an action packed forum

    23 Apr 2008

    "The universal bank is the winner here, and the universal bank regulator – the FSA, not the SEC." Even though Citi has taken such large hits from underwriting CDOs

  • Hedge fund guidelines are "a major step forward"

    22 Apr 2008

    The President's Working Group committees released two sets of best practice guidelines for investors and hedge fund managers last week resembling the voluntary guidelines in the UK. Many see this as a step in the right direction

  • UK "has hedge funds in its sights"

    16 Apr 2008

    The UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) is targeting hedge funds over market abuse allegations. And if it can't prove insider trading, it's going after internal controls

  • Sovereign wealth lashes out at regulation

    10 Apr 2008

    In a speech in Luxembourg, the Kuwaiti Investment Authority has attacked European Union plans for a sovereign wealth fund voluntary code of conduct

  • US Treasury plan doesn't go far enough

    02 Apr 2008

    The US Treasury's blueprint for regulatory reform was released earlier in the week, and the legal community, while agreeing with many of the proposals, calls for more to be done

  • Activist shareholder duties

    01 Apr 2008

    UCLA professors Lynn Stout and Iman Anabtawi argue that activist hedge funds should have fiduciary duties

  • Court adds strength

    01 Apr 2008

    French tender offer commitments reinforced

  • Push the door, it's unlocked

    01 Apr 2008

    Downstream foreign investment is possible in China, but not everyone realises it yet

  • Big Macs and champagne

    01 Apr 2008

    Report from the IFLR Forum in Hong Kong