News analysis

  • Europe outlines sovereign wealth regulation

    27 Feb 2008

    Despite a warning from IFLR, the European Commission will press ahead with a voluntary code of conduct for sovereign wealth funds

  • Japan creates new, unregulated poison pill

    27 Feb 2008

    Just months after the last spate of poison pills, Japanese companies appear to have come up with another scheme for blocking hostile bids

  • Lawyers oppose Chapter 11 for UK

    27 Feb 2008

    In a proposal that is dividing lawyers, a new insolvency procedure that grants companies an automatic stay against creditors could become law in the UK

  • Sovereign fund regulation begins

    20 Feb 2008

    Sovereign wealth fund regulation starts here, as Australia sets a precedent for international guidelines on government-backed investors

  • Hedge fund listings to flood London

    19 Feb 2008

    MW Tops' plan to list in London due to a rule change is set to spark a flurry of similar moves in the market

  • Northern Rock bill: shareholders will sue

    19 Feb 2008

    The UK government faces a wave of litigation after announcing emergency legislation to nationalise Northern Rock and leave shareholders with nothing

  • Revealed: Europe awards shortlists

    18 Feb 2008

    The shortlists for this year's IFLR Europe awards have been announced, with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer gathering the most team nominations

  • 2008: year of the Spacs?

    14 Feb 2008

    As the financial world dives deeper into a bear market, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies look to be replacing permanent capital listings

  • Singapore joins QDII club

    14 Feb 2008

    It's unclear how enthusiastic Chinese banks will be for securities in anything other than the bubbling Shanghai market, but Singapore has joined the growing list of countries available to Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors

  • New hedge fund corrects structural flaws

    07 Feb 2008

    As investors flow out of hedge funds worldwide, a new type of fund in the US is set to tempt them back with promises of greater equality and transparency

  • Asian in-house and bankers at war

    06 Feb 2008

    November's edition of IFLR revealed that Asian in-house counsel were running scared of their front office. In recent weeks, the situation has deteriorated

  • UK government threatens shareholder rights

    06 Feb 2008

    The UK's Treasury Committee plans to strip bank shareholders of their voting rights, in a move which could lead to a litigious backlash

  • Panic

    01 Feb 2008

    There is public and political pressure to keep out or at least regulate sovereign wealth funds. It must be resisted

  • Canada's position

    01 Feb 2008

    Although Canada has set out its views on foreign state buyers, its guidelines offer insufficient guidance

  • Adam Cooper, Citadel

    01 Feb 2008

    The fund's head of legal speaks out on regulation and transparency

  • Chinese securities houses

    01 Feb 2008

    Belated reform disappoints investors

  • More flexibility for schemes

    01 Feb 2008

    The overhaul of the Takeover Code makes schemes of arrangement even more attractive

  • Victory brings complication

    01 Feb 2008

    The VW Act is now illegal, but that just makes things more complicated for shareholders

  • It's worth being picky

    01 Feb 2008

    How to negotiate the complex but important working capital adjustments in an acquisition

  • Liberating LBOs

    01 Feb 2008

    As UK law becomes more liberal, Germany and France may grow restless. Graham Defries, Olivia Gueguen and Kristina Karbach of Dechert explain

  • New but not improved

    01 Feb 2008

    Dr Frank Thiäner and Jens Hörmann of Pollath + Partners analyse Germany's new private equity laws

  • The fund of the future

    01 Feb 2008

    A new type of hedge fund is attracting interest. It promises to correct all the structural flaws of a typical fund

  • The same rules for everyone

    01 Feb 2008

    The sub-prime crisis and Enron were created by the same lack of transparency. International cooperation is the only way to solve it