News analysis

  • Hong Kong proposes takeover crackdown

    25 Sep 2007

    Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission has proposed to close a loophole in the Takeover Code which, if implemented, will make it harder to privatize a Hong Kong public company.

  • European Commission doesn't understand corporates

    20 Sep 2007

    In reaction to the Akzo Nobel legal privilege decision, in-house counsel believe that the European Commission doesn't fully understand the role of modern corporate counsel

  • Vietnam: first foreign equitization

    19 Sep 2007

    HSBC's purchase of a 10% stake in BaoViet, in what is the first equitization of a Vietnamese state-owned business involving foreign strategic investors, is a welcome boost for foreign banks and their counsel in the country

  • Japanese M&A takes hit from weapons rules

    12 Sep 2007

    Japan's M&A prospects look even bleaker following the government's decision to impose controls on foreign acquisitions of domestic weapons companies

  • US buyouts passed to litigation lawyers

    12 Sep 2007

    Private equity specialists disagree on whether the credit squeeze will mean the end of covenant-lite loans. But they agree on one thing: the potential for litigation from failed commitments is huge

  • Anti-monopoly block to China M&A

    05 Sep 2007

    China's new anti-monopoly law will contain the dreaded "national economic security" review that was so prevalent in 2006's M&A regulations, prompting fears amongst foreign investors of continued protectionism

  • Lovells launches unique China alliance

    05 Sep 2007

    In a move that will give much needed insight into the domestic Chinese legal market, Lovells has launched the Sino-Global Legal Alliance, a non-exclusive partnership between the UK firm and nine leading Chinese firms

  • Protectionism prevails in Suez

    05 Sep 2007

    According to counsel, the conclusion of the Gaz de France and Suez merger is a score for governments who look after their national assets

  • No PIKs anymore

    01 Sep 2007

    Downturn breaks US innovation

  • Beat Hess, Royal Dutch Shell

    01 Sep 2007

    A lifetime as an in-house lawyer reveals its own particular lessons, says the legal director

  • Mitigating risk

    01 Sep 2007

    Tactics for public-to-private deals

  • The future is onshore

    01 Sep 2007

    Funds need to change tack in China

  • Heightened security

    01 Sep 2007

    New, restrictive national security rules

  • An investor's checklist

    01 Sep 2007

    Tips for global merger control

  • Past its prime

    01 Sep 2007

    An old idea whose time has passed

  • Time to act

    01 Sep 2007

    The UK must consider plea bargaining

  • Product of necessity

    01 Sep 2007

    The cockroach that can't be killed

  • Possibly a step too far

    01 Sep 2007

    Subprime ignites the debate in the US

  • Centres of main interest

    01 Sep 2007

    The migration technique that transformed Schefenacker