News analysis

  • Torex pre-pack leaves bondholders in the cold

    28 Jun 2007

    The protracted restructuring of Torex Retail was completed last week, with shareholders and bondholders receiving nothing from the knock-down sale of the company

  • Europe's first blocked airline merger

    27 Jun 2007

    The European Commission has announced that it is to prohibit Ryanair's €1.48 billion hostile bid for Aer Lingus, in its first ever blocked deal in the airline industry

  • Bull-Dog risks poisoning Japan's capital markets

    20 Jun 2007

    Japan's judiciary has the fate of the country's capital markets in its hands, following the injunction filed by US hedge fund Steel Partners against Bull-Dog Sauce's poison pill.

  • Buyout produces high yield record

    20 Jun 2007

    In the biggest ever high-yield bond deal, US telecoms company Alltel is planning a $7.7 billion issue.

  • SEC reforms short-selling

    20 Jun 2007

    In a move designed to safeguard investors during short-selling transactions, the US securities regulator has voted to close loopholes in Regulation SHO

  • UK counsel raise expectations

    20 Jun 2007

    New research reveals that in-house counsel expect more than just results from their external dispute resolution lawyers.

  • LBO gone bad: a precedent for private equity

    13 Jun 2007

    With markets expecting an increase in messy LBO failures, private equity have watched with interest the restructuring of beleaguered IT consultancy Damovo

  • Private equity asks to be investigated

    13 Jun 2007

    In a surprising admission, private equity houses have criticised the UK Financial Services Authority for not being dramatic enough in their investigations into the industry.

  • Buyout produces record cov-lite loan

    05 Jun 2007

    Traditional maintenance covenants appear an endangered species as US buyout firm KKR has raised the world's biggest covenant-lite loan.

  • Hedge funds and private equity dodge closer scrutiny

    05 Jun 2007

    The OECD is examining the role of hedge funds and private equity firms in corporate governance.

  • Private equity confirms return of tenders

    05 Jun 2007

    Predictions about the return of the tender offer appear well founded, after Laureate Education accepted an offer from a private consortium.

  • UK rips up rule book

    05 Jun 2007

    In what it calls a significant move to principles-based regulation, the UK Financial Services Authority has made changes to its conduct of business rules.

  • False alarm

    01 Jun 2007

    The UK pension regulator's statement should not be taken at face value