News analysis

  • Sub-prime legislation could deter lenders

    20 Dec 2007

    A bill in the US to make mortgages easier to pay could deter banks from lending, at precisely the time when central banks are trying to increase liquidity. It could also be another blow to securitisation

  • Investor group calls for stronger bond covenants

    17 Dec 2007

    Bond covenants can be strengthened by a consensus between investors and issuers, according to a white paper released today by The Credit Roundtable Group

  • Canadian exchanges merge for strength

    13 Dec 2007

    The Montreal and Toronto stock exchanges have proposed a $1.3 billion merger, creating the new entity TMX Group. While this hasn't surprised many people, it will make the two exchanges more efficient and more able to ward off bidders

  • Banks replaced by real estate funds

    06 Dec 2007

    As investors and banks shy away from mortgage-backed securitisation, a new player is set to step into the ring

  • Many ways in

    01 Dec 2007

    How do you win work in a country that doesn't want you? Ask Linklaters, Jones Day and White & Case

  • Local firms win out

    01 Dec 2007

    Romanian and Bulgarian outfits beat international newcomers in the real estate boom

  • Rise of the Young Turks

    01 Dec 2007

    The booming capital markets are allowing a handful of new, dynamic firms to do innovative work

  • Troubled times

    01 Dec 2007

    A wide swathe of law firms benefited from this year's US equity volume. It was a good thing to have in a volatile year

  • China's corporate challenge

    01 Dec 2007

    Laurence Liu, head of the Association of Corporate Counsel in China

  • The first triangular merger

    01 Dec 2007

    Japan sees its M&A market turn for the better

  • In praise of ambiguity

    01 Dec 2007

    Two US cases and their lessons for how to structure a Mac clause

  • US vs UK contracts

    01 Dec 2007

    How leveraged finance terms have been affected differently by the credit crunch

  • Blackstone's full impact

    01 Dec 2007

    Use your minority stake to buy together

  • Indecent disclosure

    01 Dec 2007

    Australia clamps down too hard on derivatives and their holders

  • Struggling for a policy

    01 Dec 2007

    Misguided attempts to keep out hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and foreigners

  • China should be cautious

    01 Dec 2007

    If it buys too readily overseas, there will be a backlash from developed countries

  • A sense of history

    01 Dec 2007

    Investing in Malaysia is a lot easier than it used to be, and it deserves praise

  • More modern regulation

    01 Dec 2007

    A different tack by the SEC